Week 13 Other Games

Thoughts so far:

  1. Lions must lead the NFL this year in choking close games away.

  2. Are the Bills that good, or are the Cowboys that bad?

  3. I thought Atlanta would get rolled. Were it not for Koo’s crappy kicking tonight, they would be right in it.

Didn’t get to watch much today. Watching the end of the Saints Falcons game now. Garbage time now though

Holy shit they just got a third onsides kick

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If Younghoe Koo could reliably kick FGs and extra points, he’d be a star in this league.

I still don’t know why they went for 2 after the previous TD. The score could be 26-19 right now.

Did they lose that much faith in Koo’s ability to kick an XP?

Wow huge penalty

God the Falcons O line is trash

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Yeah, but Jayzus, Ryan, get rid of the ball.

Yeah that too.

I Spent most of the day watching movies with my bf so I’m gonna watch the games now. Sounds like a fairly interesting Turkey Day.

Bump for today’s games.

Coolade suggested I start a thread with this thought. It seems appropriate here.

I have watched and studied, to the best of my ability, every SF and Ravens game this year. I think they have the ability to shut down the Ravens run game Their front four is incredible.

But they need more than to set the edge since Jackson is so dangerous on set plays running up the middle. I think they have the horses to do that and make Jackson throw. Therein lies the problem. Jackson is a pocket passer or at the very least trying his absolute hardest to be one. However he can throw on the run on a broken play for a huge gain.

I cannot wait for this game.

7-0 Niners!

4th and 2 with the deep ball for the touchdown. Holy crap.

He has so much speed. Need to take different angles.

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Oh Jimmy.

Uh oh.

I hate Lamar Jackson.

I kinda love him. This year he has been phenomenal to watch. And now he’s destroying the number 2 D in the league.

I’ve always believed in beating the best to be the best in sports.

Oh I sort of agree. He is an incredible athlete. More of a rival hate than a real hate.

Niners tie it.

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