Vikings @ 49ers

I guarantee the 49ers coach will get criticized for not trying to at least go for a field goal. 30 seconds and a time out and you choose to kneel down and going to halftime. Shows a lack of confidence in your quarterback and a complete gutless attitude. Surprising. Could be the difference in the game if they lose.

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17-10. Good game

Yeah, but if the Winers pull this one out, does Shanahan:

  1. Trust Jimmy G more, or
  2. Decide that the win was the product of his wise choices?
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Winers just look like the better team today.

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24-10. 49ers in total control.

Ya true. At this point it’s not mattering. 49ers are dominating.

Jerry Seinfeld was talking about “the wrong clothes.”

Norsemen seem hell-bent on turning the football over to the wrong clothes.

That guy is an idiot. Nearly fumbles and then does. Smh

That seems harsh.

At worst, he’s a medium-grade imbecile.

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Lmao. That’s better hahahahaha. My bad.

Well are we gonna get a 17 point comeback?

Vikes’ receivers need to stop eating these before the game.


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Eat a snickers


“Because you turn into Martha Stewart trying to catch a football when you’re hungry”

Cousins also hasn’t been good.

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Someone create the titans ravens thread after.

Game over. 49ers advance.


Sorry. Had to cook dinner. Planning a d sitting and watching the Ravens get exposed as the frauds they are.



Jimmy G.'s now has a 1.000 playoff record, which is better than Brady’s.

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I would be ok with Tennessee winning!!

I need 12 tackles, a sack and a fumble return for a TD out of Rashaan Evans tonight.

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Might happen…