trade deadline is today, predict a move

OJ to Pats for a 2021 second

Von Miller out of Denver?

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Brady to the Niners straight up for Jimmy G

I wouldn’t do it, Jimmy G is done, too old

The guy on the tv box just suggested a Keenan Allen to NE for the Patriots 1st rounder.

I could live with that.

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FROM The University of California …

BB has pretty much admitted that the salary cap is preventing the Patriots from making any more significant moves.

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Brady traded to the Colts for Chad Kelly and a first round pick.

Hahaha…oh my oh my… I’ve gone and made myself tinkle from laughing.

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The Talib move perplexes me. He must have made himself a real PITA in Los Angeles.

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Salary cap move.

Dolphins are agreeing to absorb Aqib Talib’s prorated salary and pay him about $5.8M this season and getting a 5th round pick to do it. Talib is currently on IR.

they get the comp pick next year when he signs with Baltimore

Here are two articles at ESPN discussing the deadline deals. They say “meh” to the two deals made by the Pats (shipping out Bennett, acquiring Sanu), but think that coming to the Patriots is good for Sanu himself.