Titans @ Ravens

Let’s go, Vrabel.

Kill them ratbirds.


Really? Cheering for Baltimore. I think it would be cool to see Tennessee win. But if you have them in a pool or something then it makes sense haha

Nah, I just like Vrabel.

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Ya I like titans but it won’t be easy. Interesting to see how Baltimore does with all this hype.

Wow. Cowher just got the call to Canton.


I just caught that. What a way to find out.

Cool that they brought his wife and daughter in to be there.

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Cowher: Wow. I can’t believe this is happening now.

HOF Guy: Oh ok. Nevermind.



Freaking Hilarious. :rofl:

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Ya that is cool. Good for them !


And for the sixth year in a row Nate Burleson did not get inducted to the HOF.

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Always likes Nate. For a while was literally the only good thing about Seattle hahaha

Watching these highlights of Lamar. Dude is fun to watch. I’ll admit.

All but one picked ravens to win by 17 or more lol

Ratbirds got introduced one at a time.

Arrogant “me me me” jackasses … now I really want them to lose. :rat::bird:


Ya that was annoying. They made us watch that. I hope titans kill them.

It would be pretty funny if the Ravens lost xafter how they have completely changed how the game of NFL football is played.


Lol. I would love to see it. Shut all the hype down. I’m sick of the announcers and how up Baltimore’s ass they are. It’s like they have already won the SB

Well here we go.

Ravens way too hyped. Shut them and their stupid fans up.