The Secret is out....


Let the media storm begin.

Saw Patrick Mahomes on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

Nice enough guy, but he’s kind of a stiff.

I guess I shouldn’t expect the average jock to have the personality of Robin Williams … or even Tony Romo.

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Something about Mahomes annoys me. Not sure if it’s the hair or the baby face look like he should still be at home cuddling his mom. Not sure but he annoys me

Don’t know how it is where you live, but down here on the Front Range, people hate the Patriots, and are sick of Red Sox vs. Yankees.

Buy a better team for yourselves, ya cheap Bastids.

I live in Saskatchewan Canada. Sox are hated as much as the Yanks. It’s Jays territory here. As for NFL though it’s a total mix. Canada doesn’t have a team so you actually see a lot of patriots, Cowboys, Packers fans. Mostly seahawks though.