The Evil Ritual that occurs every Autumn.....

Fucking getting my biometric screening, completing a Personal Health Review, and then health insurance open enrollment.

Fuck. I just want to punch someone.

Five hours at the company health center (got there 10 min after it opened and was already about 50th in line), then an hour for the PHR, then another hour just now for the enrollment, complete with 2 calls to the help center in Pakistan or Nepal or wherever it is to get a clarification on what a “dependant” is, and then on my wifes job’s possible impending insurance availability.


deep breath

at least its over for another year

I hope they pay you for your time! Doubt it but one can dream.

Nope. Not paid.

I didn’t think you would have been.

There has to be an easier way to get that shit done. I swear they keep you waiting just to raise the blood pressure in hopes of denying you coverage.

I could have done it earlier in the summer but I’m a 47th level procrastinator.

Done for another year. Sort of.

Still want to punch someone though.