T-Mobile offering no risk 30 day trial on your current phone


This is not an ad or an affiliate link or anything like that. Just something I did myself and thought I would share. T-Mobile has apparently spent a ton of money upgrading and expanding their network that they feel if people try it, they might switch. I tried them out a few years ago, and where I live, could not get the coverage I needed that I get with VZW.

You give them your name and address, and they will send you a little pocket size hot spot with a SIM card. This sim connects to them. You connect to the device with your current phone over the wireless network it creates.

You get 30 days or 30gb, whichever comes first, to test drive their network. You can then either return the device to a store, or give it to someone else to try. They did not require any payment information and it appears to be just what they say.

They are a few bucks cheaper than VZW, so if they are good enough, I may switch.

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I’m already on T Mobile. It serves my purposes, but I’ve never been on any other carrier. So I can’t compare.

T-Mobile coverage is OK.

So I got their little device, and it works okay, though the indicators could be better.

Once I finally connected, it worked okay, but won’t work inside my house. Which kind of sours me on the whole thing.

On the upside, I found out last night that VZW offers Apple Music for free on their unlimited plans, so I am test driving that now and may switch from Spotify.

And VZW is offering a year of Disney+ for free when it launches on the 12th. I wasn’t planning on getting Disney+, but will certainly look at it for the free year.