Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs

I want to see a 21-21 type game at half time.

I wish I didn’t work tomorrow :frowning:

I took tomorrow off.

It would be awesome if the Niners first offensive play was a flea flicker.

Well, I thought America the Beautiful was awful.

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Should not have thrown that Jimmy

If chiefs get a touchdown here this gets to be a worrysome for the Niners.

What happened to the Niners running? Has Shanahan outsmarted himself?

Oh, there it is.

Good first half. Both defense and offense. Tough to call the winner.

Better than being at work right now

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Lmao amen. That would suck.

Ummm… I think those hips are lying to me…

It does.

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Sorry to hear you have to work!

Manomes with a bad pick.

Niners didn’t run enough. Stupid.

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Coming down to the wire. What a game.

Congrats chiefs.

The only thing good I can say about this outcome is that in 2070 when the Chefs win it all again, I will be dead. :skull_and_crossbones:

By the way, that opening coin toss was kind of a fiasco. Referee should not have coached the Chefs as to what choice to make after the Niners deferred. I thought we were looking at another Dak Prescott situation, where the Chefs would have kicked off to start both halves.

Like I said after Prescott’s miscue, you should have the choice whether to kick or receive in the first half, and the team that kicks should get to pick which way they kick. None of the ‘defer’ nonsense … that just needs to go away.