Star Trek: Discovery - Season Two Trailer

Surprisingly good show. Have not watched the trailer yet, but will definitely watch Season 2.

I know a lot of ST purists didn’t like it but I agree with you EP, I thought the show was pretty good.

Yeah it was VERY different than any other version of Star Trek, but it was kind of nice to have a darker, grittier series.

Besides, The Orville has taken over for a series that is similar to TNG. Love that show too.

My dad, who LOVED TOS and I’m pretty sure idolizes Capt Kirk, watched the first episode and just couldn’t get past a Star Fleet officer committing mutiny. It ruined the show for him.

There was something about The Orville that just didn’t grab me. I didn’t think it was awful I just kind of drifted away from watching it.

Might want to give it another shot for season two. Seth said that season two they were allowed to fully become they show he envisioned it being.