Spring Training Games


On NESNplus tonight:


Cubs 3, Red Sox 2


Price gets the ball this afternoon at 3:05 (on NESN) for the final Spring Training game. Here’s the starting Sox lineup:

  1. Andrew Benintendi (L) DH

  2. Mookie Betts ® RF

  3. Rafael Devers (L) 3B

  4. J.D. Martinez ® LF

  5. Xander Bogaerts ® SS

  6. Mitch Moreland (L) 1B

  7. Dustin Pedroia ® 2B

  8. Jackie Bradley Jr. (L) CF

  9. Blake Swihart (S) C


thanks for these updates Joolz, I really appreciate them!


Cubs 16, Red Sox 7

Let the real games begin! Go Sox!

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FYI, limited tickets are available for evening with me at City Winery Boston on April 2nd! Should be fun.

Came back from Florida yesterday. While I was there I had to laugh at the response to the game the Red Sox lost to the Yankees 14-1. Most of the players in the game you’ll never see again. Yet some Red Sox fans we’re panicking. Hilarious!


A picture of Tim Tebow from the March 4th Game at Port Saint Lucie.

Dude went 3-for-4 and fielded his position competently. Mets fans at the time thought he had a shot at Triple-A.


This is a picture of your 2018 World Series MVP in Sarasota, against the Orioles, on March 8th.

I told my story to a few of the Oriole Faithful about getting Jim Palmer’s autograph at Fenway when I was a kid.

They were amused.


You may recognize this gentleman from Red Sox teams of the past.

Port Charlotte, vs. the Rays, on March 10th.


From the same game, First Base Coach Tom Goodwin going out of his way to give a baseball to a kid in the first row.

Mr. Goodwin has a way with the crowd, even in opposing ballparks. My seats at the game at the Orioles in Sarasota were three rows back about 20 feet behind first base, and Tom kept coming back and joshing with the Oriole fans in the two rows in front of me.


You may have noticed that all four of these pictures were taken at Red Sox “road” games during Spring Training.

Part of that is my desire to “complete the circuit” of Spring Training venues in both the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues. I think I have half the venues checked off, although I’ve lost one since the Athletics moved away from that old park near the Phoenix Zoo.

However, the other part derives from a bit of “inside dope” from a Red Sox fan who is now also a Florida homeowner.

If you go to Spring Training, by all means see one or two games at Fenway South in Fort Myers.

After that, realize that you can usually get way better seats for way less money if you are willing to travel to Spring Training road games.

That may not apply to when the Red Sox play at the Yankees’ facility, but it has been true for the places I’ve been, which include Port Charlotte (Rays), Clearwater (Phillies), Sarasota (Orioles), Port Saint Lucie (Mets), and Bradenton (Pirates).

I still need to check off the Twins, Braves, Blue Jays, and a few other teams.

I’ve got time … and a house in Florida.