Spring Training Games


Tyler Thornburg ST ERA 15.75 :woman_facepalming:


Sox on NESN this afternoon.


Rays 8, Red Sox 1


RemDawg in the booth Friday afternoon (on NESN).


Price making his first start of the spring and a decent starting lineup. I’m bored and wish it was televised.


Tigers 4, Red Sox 3. Sox attempted a comeback in the 9th scoring 3 runs, but fell short.



Making his spring debut (:wave: Mikie!) this afternoon.


Twins 9, Red Sox 5


Sox are having a lousy Spring Training, eh?


Dropping 7 in a row is huge, they started hot - thanks Northeastern.


Red Sox 4, Tigers 4. Well, it’s not a loss. :woman_shrugging:


Sox on NESN this afternoon with Jerry Remy in the booth.


Can’t edit my post. Muh bad. Game is on Fox 25, not NESN. 4-0 Yankees in the 4th.


Well, that was ugly. Yankees 14, Red Sox 1. Nice to hear Jerry though.


Chris Sale makes his spring debut this afternoon. Maybe they can win this one? Televised on NESN.


I’m very interested but have too choose to watch the C’s as it’s more important at this point in the season.


Watched a bit, unfortunately it was post-Sale, but did hear Jerry say he struck out 7 and there were 2 hits thru 4 innings of work.

Red Sox 6, Braves 1. A win!


Split Squad this afternoon with the Rays game on NESN.


Pirates 8, Red Sox 1

Red Sox 3, Rays 2


Sale’s 7 strikeouts on Saturday.