is down hard. Not sure what is going on. Going to place a redirect to here for now. Those couple of you who regularly participated there, please feel free abuse this place for your game threads.

My apologies.


Game thread mojo. Stick with it? Throw it out the window and have a free-for-all?

Anyone know how to get in touch with NG to let her know we are here? She needs a space to spew David Price hatred.

I think I can FB her


Found you! I thought I had a virus when I got redirected here.

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Hello :wave:

I love the redirect and hope some of our former Sox Planet members join here. Calling sprocketboy, dunaja, SamBam39, etc.

Maybe I should add something to the BSU splash page.

I would try that dancing clown gif I posted a while back.

The redirect page doesn’t give the opportunity to come here until you scroll to the very bottom. I can see how NG thought it was a virus. Maybe there needs to be something at the top so if any Sox Planeteers of the past wander in they know immediately where they are.


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Perfect! Thank you very much.

I’m not sure if this is a big deal, but I had this link bookmarked:

When clicking on it I get the database error message. Evil Prince, is there any way the awesome redirect welcome message could appear when linking directly to the forum? If not, no biggie.

It should have been redirecting everything, not sure why it is not, but I fixed this one to redirect also.

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:+1: You da bomb!