Sean Payton: Unlikely All 3 QBs Back Next Year

Hey @Coolade here’s your chance to get Taysom.

Where have ya been?


He is what Tebow should have been if he only agreed to play some RB/FB/WR/TE in addition to QB.

Drew brees is seriously considering retirement, and if that’s the case. Who starts?

When I watch Hill play I just don’t see a guy with a starting NFL QB skill set. Bridgewater proved he could win in Paytons system last year. I don’t see how he isn’t Plan B (assuming Brees is Plan A)

If Brees retires and the Saints get outbid for Bridgewater then I guess I could see Hill as a bridge to a rookie they draft this year.

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I think they look at Hill and see Lamar Jackson.

I look at Lamar and see a pre-injury RG3.

The guy who lasted the longest playing this style was Cam Newton, and his effective years were short by starting QB standards.

There is a reason running backs generally have shorter careers.

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Well said.