RIP Ric Ocasek

The basement band I played in back in the 80s covered a few Cars songs.

My friend’s older brother saw the Cars at the Three Copper Men in Lowell when they were coming up. He said that they covered a few Queen songs. If you listen to the way the Cars laid down their vocal harmonies, you can hear Queen’s influence on them.

When Ric Ocasek approached the Pearly Gates, and they asked him to identify himself, do you think his answer was “I’m the American Misfit Kid, still wondering what I did?”


one of my generations 1st album, or cassette, bought would have to be the Cars with the chick behind the wheel with bright lips stick.

Rick Married up - a compliment

My SIL was an original groupie. All signed albums in her basement.

Great memories to their music.




The girl who posed for Antonio Vargas’ painting of the Candy-O cover was named … Candy.

If I bring the Belgian Trappist Ales … can you, me, your SIL, and whoever drink down a few in her basement together?

We can talk Cars, Neighborhoods, Mission of Burma, Children of Paradise …

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In the basement is my late brothers bar that is collecting dust, Drinking a few beers there would actually be quite enjoyable.

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If you have SiriusXM, they will be honoring Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr on their “First Wave” station this weekend.

I saw a short lived almost supergroup about 20 years ago that had Benjamin Orr in it (along with Elton John’s drummer,. 38 specials guitar player, the lead singer from Ted nugent’s 70s band, and pat Travers)

Anyway, it wasn’t until that show that I learned just how many cars songs were song by Orr and not by ocasek. And they were the cars songs I always liked better.

I think even Ocasek would have admitted that Orr was by far and away the better pure singer. I mean, Ocasek’s voice worked reasonably well with the Cars’ more quirky stuff, but I don’t think he could have ever pulled off a song like Drive, for example.

I’ve watched a view of their no-kidding live performances on shows like Midnight Special, and I think the lead guitarist Elliott Easton took some of the high harmonies on songs where Orr sang lead. I’ve always wondered why they never had Easton sing any lead.

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The Cars play “Heartbeat City” at Live Aid.

Every time I watch anything from Live Aid, I remember I had that day off (and the next) when I was stationed with the Air Force at HQ 8th Air Force at Barksdale AFB, LA. Me and one of my barracks buddies plowed through a 30-pack of beer watching both the British and American legs of the show. It was only afterwards that I learned that one of my brothers (I have three) drove down to Philadelphia (?) to see the American side of Live Aid.

Thank all Seven Gods for that next day off. I was so hung over.


I was supposed to go but the ticket contact we had was a bit shady and none of my friends trusted him as he just got out of Walpole for murder. understandable.

He can be seen in some Jackson Browne’s music videos.

regret not going but never wanted to owe a favor to the wrong guy.