Red Sox Roster Moves and Injuries

May seeSwihart catch and hope he takes off and someone lusts after him. The kid deserves a chance.

This is worse than Youk waiting or Boggs behind Lansford.

Devers placed on 10 day DL with shoulder issue.

Lin called up.

Sox get Nathan Eovaldi

Pedrioa is done, a nice replacement for him until the Farm system spits a guy out.

wait is their anyone left in the minors?

BOSTON – Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts likely will not return to action as soon as Thursday, but a baseball source said there’s nothing alarming at play, just soreness in his wrist.

sometimes people seem soft

This stinks, I was loving me some Blake

Holy poop injuries galore

You think some of it is just giving guys a 2 week vacay to get rid of the nagging I jury type stuff?

Some of it but not Swihart who just started playing.