Red Sox reportedly agree to terms with OF Kevin Pillar

Pillar is ostensibly the 2020 replacement for Mookie Betts after the Red Sox shipped the superstar outfielder along with David Price to the Los Angeles Dodgers. If you compare the two directly, Pillar is a clear downgrade in terms of offense and baserunning.

But as far as defense, there are few better options in the game than Pillar to man the notoriously difficult right field at Fenway Park. That aspect of the Red Sox as a team should make for a smooth transition.

Pillar projects as a middle-third batter in the Red Sox lineup, with the potential to bat leadoff as well. In 2019, he hit a career-high 21 home runs and drove in 87 runs for the Giants. Overall, though, he produced a .261 batting average and .735 OPS. Red Sox fans, of course, will remember Pillar for his time with the Blue Jays. He’s a career .307 hitter at Fenway.

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I thought Verdugo was going to play RF

I’m guessing and this is just guess that Verdugo will be the fourth outfielder to get a feel for Fenway and the American League then they may battle it out for starting time.

Some at that other RedSox site think it could mean JBJ will be dealt or that there will be a CF platoon with Pillar and JBJ.

Bene, JBJ, and Verigo or what ever it is are all lefty bats, they needed a right handed bat in teh OF not named JD.

I get they needed a right hander, its just that I’ve always thought he was a glove first CFer, and the Sox already have one of those. In fact what I’ve read today seems to hint that he is much worse hitter than JBJ while possibly being slightly better in the field.

Further, I’ve read that Verdugo, while not being a speed burner, is a strong defensive OFer.

So while I fully understand the need for a 4th OFer and a right handed bat Pillar just seems an odd choice, especially if this article is correct and the Six ha e him pencilled in as the starting RFer. Unless the plan is to trade JBJ.

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Well, that part seems hopeful for his potential offensive production.

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From the Remy Report.

Red Sox discuss moving JBJ to right and putting Kevin Pillar in CF. Your thoughts ?? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Also reports saying Verdugo won’t be ready to go by the beginning of the season, see how long it takes to get him going. This is a huge signing.

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Having him and a healthy Pedroia would be a deadly vet presences on this team.

Yeah, but I don’t think there is anyway Pedroia is ever healthy enough to contribute again, unfortunately. He had a major setback in his recovery again.-

Ya it’s unfortunate :frowning: truly one of my favourite players. He’s probably crushed as well. Loves the game.

Right is teh toughest position in Fenway and you need a cannon of an arm, JBJ has talent to play right but would be a waste for 8 or 9 games in teh bronx in RF

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