Red Sox Announce ALDS Roster

I can’t complain on picks for the pen. Hembree/Kelly was a coin flip for me but I think they trust Kelly more.

Can’t wait.

Who will start the game thread for tonight? MikieGeo and Faith? Someone new? Thep? patsload?

You have brought us to a 100 plus win season, carrying the load of the game thread so I think you.

or you can nominate someone.

If nobody starts one before 6:00-ish, I shall. MikieGeo and Faith has brought us luck in the past, so we could go that route as well. There’s time to see what happens. Maybe some of the Sox fans on Patriots Planet will join us tonight.

Major peeve here. This afternoon I had the pleasure of listening to Eckersley and Orsillo call the Indians-Astros game. We are stuck with (yawn) Brian Anderson and Ron Darling for the Sox-Yankees series.