QB Sam Darnold to miss some games with....(jets injuries are piling up)

mono - the kissing disease!!

Didn’t know you could get that from kissing a horse’s ass.

Seriously, though, like most diseases, some of the complications that can arise from mono are no laughing matter. Thankfully for Darnold, as an athlete in a major professional sports league, I assume he has access to some of the best physicians that money can rent.

it can kick your ass. I slept 72 straight hours, only getting up when woken to drink fluids…

Lingered for a couple months where I would feel myself wear down. He could be out 3 weeks easy because even if you do not need the Spleen it can become an issue, have to be remove.

And now Bell is having an MRI on his shoulder.

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The Jets are losing players to injury, the Dolphins losing players to wanting to leave…only the Bills seem stable but the fans are soft as puppy poop.


I was just reading the Jets message board. I am seeing a lot of

This is insane
We are snakebitten
We are cursed
This season couldn’t have started any worse

I agree with all the above lol.


And Pats fans are like “good, fuckem, theyre the Jets”

They are a division rival that has been an occasional a pain for the Pats but I don’t get the hate other than Hoddie hates em so we follow along.

They are are crap organization so I have little hate for them.

Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why we hate them so much other than Hoodie or being from NY.

Edit: Oh yeah. We had the Parcells thing too.


Curtis Martin
the owner was a dink during (insert name)gate
Gastineau (i loved papa Klecko)
Broadway Joe
The Fans
The fans kids
the fans spouses - more ex spouse since Jets fans stink.


Joe Namath … the most mediocre player in the HOF.

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The rest of the squads in the AFC East must think their lives are like that team that always loses to the Harlem Globetrotters.