Pitchers and Catchers Day! Yay!


Oops, this appears to be more “editorial” than “news.” In any event, let’s play ball!

It’s that great time of year again. I love it when the Pats are in the Superbowl cuz there is a only a short stretch between football and Sox season.

Everyone seems to be there, but who will close?

What’s the deal with Kimbrel? Is he returning? Do we want him? All I can find is that the Twins and Braves might want him.

they are playing it like they did with JD, waiting until a certain date hoping the price drops, like it did for JD, and that he wants to return with a opt out in two years - only my opinion but it appears what they are doing.


He may be the best closer other Mo but he has priced himself out of the market much like Machado and Harper. I see him coming back on similar terms to what Mike posted.

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