Pats spygate No. 2

Patriots are being investigated for filming Bengals in Cleveland in press box according to WEEI

It seems the New England Patriots are being accused of cheating again. Bengals head coach Zac Taylor fielded a question during his news conference Monday about a Patriots employee taping Cincinnati’s sideline. The Patriots play the Bengals in Cincinnati on Sunday.

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It is part of the “Do Your Job” segment

Brilliant move to take the attention off the team and onto himself and the Coaching Staff by doing something totally legal. That’s why he is so freaking smart!!!

Go Bill Belichick, go!!

“Do Your Job!” segment on scouts should air this week!

Jeez, talk about manufactured controversy. All over nothing at all.

I love it, it will take teh attention off the WR’s and other stuff. Maybe make Krafty Bob realize nothing matters because they attack you no matter what and he should sign AB84 ASAP!

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If we have to spy on the bungholes we’re in deep shit

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Mikie needs to call his guy and ask him if it was he who F’d up this season by filming in the wrong spot.


Dammit Patriots quit cheating!!! Smh. Lol

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this is all piped in noise to distract everyone from #AB84 arriving in Boston!!

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Perfect time to sign him!


“Unintentional” Mmmmhhhmmmmm… I say the same thing to my spouse when I am in the mood and I “accidentally” touch her booty in bed :slight_smile:

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Hey hey hey

This is a respectable family show. Take it to the NSFW forum.

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Lol sorry. :rofl: