Patriots were in the mix for AB

Rosenhaus: “Think about playing with the greatest quarterback in NFL history, and he’s a cool guy.”

Brown: “That would be an honor.”

Rosenhaus: “They won’t tell me exactly what they’ll willing to offer, but I have a feeling it’s going to be very lucrative for us.”

Brown: “That going to be amazing.”

Rosenhaus: “And I don’t think we’ll have any problem getting a deal done with these guys.”

Brown: “Yeah, we need that respect, that guarantee. Robert Kraft’s a cool guy, too.”

Rosenhaus: “Kraft is one of the wealthiest guys in the NFL, AB.”

Brown: “I’ll pull up. That would be great, that championship talk.”

The rumors were the Pats offered earlier rounds but it was only a few spots earlier in the draft despite the earlier round designation, it makes sense not to help the Patriots if you are the Stillers Front Office.