Patriots sign RT Caleb Benenoch

According to Spotrac.

What does Scarnachia do that makes him so good at his job?

It’s the Way of the General, I reckon.

Scar scares the shit out of them and is a detail oriented teacher. The small things will give you so much more of an advantage. Hand placement, footwork, balance, picks up tells (both opponent and Patriot) , and more.

Scar is like Cora, he sees things differently, picks up signs other would miss and that leads to players improving.

I’ve been known to lay a few dollars on a pony or two from time to time.

One of the more hardcore there-every-day dudes once told me that the successful horseplayers can visualize how a race will go, in both time and space, before it even happens.

I have to wonder if Scar does the same thing with the offensive and defensive lines, given that he knows the offensive play calls in advance. :thinking:


Probably to make room for Watson

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