Patriots Planet


Sent another email.

I own Errors there are from the scrapers that can not reach .com.


I am on and posting with several members. I needed to get to the sign in page and it worked fine.


And can you share how you did that?



Still getting redirected to GoDaddy with that link.


What I assume is where he hosts the site has changed and depending on DNS propagation (where you get your DNS from), access will be available to different people at different times.

This is just assumption. He has not replied to me yet.


Wow, I have both working and a few others are on but maybe it is because I changed location, clear everything and try again.


well I am in a different location today, I never checked it this am from home but I had access 75% of the time yesterday from this spot, but not at home. so I have to agree


I already tried it, also tried to log in from Tapatalk on my phone.



Well, I just confirmed registrant information. It is still in his name and was last updated yesterday as d2maine noted above.


I may have top do betting thread here


I’ve tried every which way from every browser on the laptop and Safari on the iPad and it’s a no go. Yesterday I could get on when others could not. I’ll try later.


looks like it is


Still can’t get on with any apple product.



Cleaned up the error on and put a new temporary link to here.


Received a reply from Austin. He says it is now fixed, but I am still not getting there, so I assume some time may be needed for propagation for some.


I’m on it just fine.


I’m on now


Not me. Not yet.

“The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”


I’m on!