Patriots Planet

Appears to be broken. I can’t get to the Forums section on my laptop using Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge. On the iPad using Safari I get a GoDaddy screen that indicates the domain expired on 10/11/2018.

Anyone else?

Edit: it’s working now. Strange.

Yeah I can not get there on my work computer, but can on my phone, makes me think it is a DNS issue. I emailed Austin about it.

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Doesn’t work for me either.

Me either


Still not working for me

My antivirus said it blocked the site bc of a trojan’s presence.
It doesn’t come up as site not found, rather it comes up as a blank (white) page with nothing else.

Mine comes as godaddy.


With no reply from Austin as of yet, I can only assume there was a DNS change and that the changes will propagate as time passes.

Yeah, Austin is pissed the Pats beat the Chiefs & did this on purpose :coffee: if you ask me.
Poor sport :wink:

It’s not working for me either… What’s going on?! I’M REALLY SCARED RIGHT NOW

Get this is a good time to kick the tires over here.

I really like this site. Lots of cool features and easy shortcuts.

I take it patsplanet still isn’t working?


Hello everyone.


the domain name expired 0n 10-11-18 per go daddy

I got the Godaddy bit on my iPad at lunchtime using Safari.

Now using chrome I get nothing, just a blank page.

turn off ad blocker on your chrome and it should show up

When I did that it redirected to the Godaddy page

I’m getting a GoDaddy page as well.
who knew we had to keep paying for :coffee: :man:

(that’s the best I can do for a “coffee guy” :slight_smile: )