Patriots Draft 2020, Round 3, Pick 101 - TE Dalton Keene

From Va Tech.

Two TE attack?

I think Keene is the Develin replacement.

Watching this highlight package a lot of the throws to Keene remind me of a lot of the throws NE makes to James White. Maybe he is a little too tall to be a full time blocking fullback but as a swiss army type similar to Kyle Jusczyk he can help the team in multiple ways.

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this kid is interesting. I hear AHern role often but he blocks, AHern didn’t like to block.

Jusczyk is a great comparison.

Belichick on Keene:

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Despite how it turned out Hernandez was a supremely talented guy. Almost as much a freak of nature as Gronk. Keene probably isn’t that guy. But he is a relentless player who will give max effort on every play. In a couple of years he will be that guy that will cause us to be constantly telling other fanbases “Yeah but he is our asshole”


You need assholes like that on a team, one everyone else hates but brings your team together. If he fills this role I will be happy as Piggy in a porn shop.

Aperp was talented, he was smart too, and in a different world would have been a different person off the field, but would ha have been a different person on the field too>

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