Patrick Mahomes

This cat is a hell of an exciting player. I have been amazed at what he’s done since last year. Kinda epic for such a young player. With the salary cap going up in a big way they may actually be able to keep the core together but the Chiefs seem to be on the Colts team building plan. All offense. It will be interesting to see if they can compete in this manner with so many moving away from a strong defense.

Guess who has an epic D. This years Patriots.


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Patrick Mahomes could sign a new deal “in excess of $200 million” this offseason, according to Adam Schefter :moneybag:


Agreed, though I hate reading Chiefs fans talk about him.

It will be interesting to see, with the year of additional tape and the improvements to the Patriots defense, if BB comes up with something that severely slows them down.


I want to see how he does when the cap begins to eat up the skill players around him and he is stuck with 2006 patriots WR level Corp. I think he will have a great success but it was a smart move was sitting him as a rookie so he could adapt and learn. More teams need to do this.


Mahomes is definitely a rare talent and he is so fun to watch. He also genuinely seems like a great guy that loves the game. My only dislike is the fans. Reading their message board makes me want to blow Kansas City up lol.

“LamarJackson is horrible, he is athletic that’s it”
“Tom Brady is a system qb, not even close to Mahomes”
“Luck is hot and cold, Mahomes is by far a better talent”

I legit haven’t seen them give credit to any other qb. They think Mahomes is god and every other QB sucks. I can’t stand seeing a fanbase like that. Goes right to their head. That makes me hope the chiefs fail. I know every fan base has their morons but I swear I have seen maybe two decent posters on that site. Everyone else is an arrogant idiot. Considering they haven’t won shit all I am surprised.

But Mahomes the player I definitely like. I just hate their fanbase.

Same with Russell Wilson. I think he is a great talent but Seahawks fans make me puke lol.


Yes, but … Andy Reid.

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