Patrick Chung restructures his contract

Patrick Chung has restructured his contract into a 3-year, $11.7M deal, according to spotrac.

Chung gets it, he left and returned. A perfect BB guy in that he can tell other players you may get paid once but long term being here is more lucrative for your career in that you get used correctly, you get paid pretty dam good, and are set up for the after football career of signing autographs as SB Champ.

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Now you are making me wonder which “First Dynasty” Patriots have extended their football careers past their playing days.

  • Vrabel
  • Bruschi
  • McGinest


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off the top of my head I can name these players and I am missing a bunch for sure one other media sources not in Boston.

Rodney Harrison is sunday night football
Woody was on a bunch of shows
Heath Evans was on NFL Network
Ted Johnson is on the radio in Houston
Chatham and Wiggy are on local sports shows
Fauria is in a daily radio show on WEEI
Kevin Faulk coached College football

Matt Light should be on TV and I think he will be when his kids get older.
Ben Watson will be on TV I think now that he retired.

Law/Koppen/Brown are cssne doing games
Moss is on tv
Vince is a BBQ stud and weekly spot


You have to figure with all those guys cashing in after they hang up their cleats … wise agents are telling their veterans (at least) that a discount to the Patriots now is an investment in your post-playing future.