Our new backup QB - Gilmore?

State Championship winning QB in HS.

How many times did that Brady guy even go to the HS playoffs as a starting QB?

Hint: It rhymes with hero.

He’s no Uncle Rico but he will do.

Maybe not Uncle Rico but he may be able to give Al Bundy a run for his money. :slight_smile:

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Lol I would pay to see that match up.

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Any idea if TB12 ever played against De La Salle HS?

If he did, he lost, because that would have been in the middle of that 150+ game winning streak put together by DLS.

Doesn’t look like it. But his HS team doesn’t look like they were very good while be was the re

It doesn’t surprise me. DLS was the powerhouse HS team in the Bay Area. In fact, their only real in-state rivals for a long time were Mater Dei down in SoCal.

You may ask “who is laughing now,” but DLS has its share of NFL alumni, including Amani Toomer and MJD.