October 4, 2018 Thursday Night Game Thread Patriots vs Colts


Bring back the red with white but keep silver hat


I say they should they should embrace the Darth Vader vibe and just go to all black uniforms


Need a score, that drop pisses me off


Raiders own the rights with Jax stealing them


Bad series. Drop off to white right away would have been better than gronk


Brady not very accurate on that drive.


They keep saying that when Brady finally loses it, it will be super fast.


He’s toast, sign keapeedink


Man White is so good on those drop offs


Oh a Hogan sighting


Michel lowers the head but that’s how we were taught to run, get lower


Oof. He didn’t lower it that time.



Unclear body


Should be 28


I hate these games that are this close at the half.


$65 was ticket price some paid but not sure if Craigslist or ticket exchange


We are a spoiled fan based pissed off about Thursday night games


Time to force Gordon the ball!!


Yes. I’d really like to see him get some work.


Wang Chung!!!