Night game Mets(Scherzer)@Sox(Paxton) 7:10

Lets win the nightcap.

Go Sox


Tyler, if you pop in, don’t get confused. Jack started this thread for the night game :wink:

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He will. #Tyler


I didn’t know Bello was away :woman_shrugging:

Bullshit decision. No way did Wood win all three rounds


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The lineup for tonight is here.

Game is on NESN not FOX or FS1

Scherzer has a PBIT

Duran Duran with a bong

1-0 Sox

Yoshi with a hit

A Turner bong would be nice

I have to pee. BRB

Okay, I’m back

I don’t want to jinx it but Paxton is dealing

SBF bong!

2-0 Sox

Kiké swinging at crap way out of the zone

They just panned the crowd and there are tons of Mets fans.

Paxton’s no-hitter ovah in the 4th

I jinxed him. Mets have runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out.

What a disaster. Sox throwing the ball all over the place.

Mets in front 3-2 thanks to ugly defense.