New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft accused of soliciting sex, police say

It is time for Bob Kraft to step forward, admit his mistakes, and take his punishment.

I wonder when the video will hit TMZ.

Sorry, he’s a pig. There I said/wrote it.

No shame in writing it.

What I can’t understand at this point is if the written descriptions are true, and video shows it as well, how can he possibly “categorically deny” it?

Exactly, the video evidence is damning. There’s no “denying” it. You know, I just don’t understand it. A man with the money and means to get anything, anywhere and he stoops this low.

Sadly this was the DA’s political spotlight. He used this to move forward, you could see him smirking as he blew his load saying the name Bob Kraft.

But what happened was he starts off with SEX SLAVES and from there does nothing to prove it leaving everyone to speculate Bobby was in on it.


I just think this dirty old perv was used to make this guys career in Florida.

Now BOB admit it, apologize, and take the punishment.

With Gillette under pressure to pull out, I have taken things into my own hand and decided the new sponsor for the stadium.

“Orchids of Asia Day Spa Stadium at Patriot Place”


Kraft’s lawyers have managed to get the video evidence thrown out of court.

It looks like Kraft will get off … no pun intended.