NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (8-0) at BALTIMORE RAVENS (5-2) Sunday, November 3, 2019 at 8:20 p.m. ET. M&T Bank Stadium.

I don’t like him. Now I know why.

That sucked too

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This entire ravens squad is a showboat. Can’t stand that.

Welp…seasons over. See you guys in 2020.

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Lol it’s funny because some people probably respond like this

Well so far the Ravens game plan is a fuck ton better than ours

Seems odd the Patriots would go empty set on offense with only 4 active wr.

Good grief. Josh is being way too cute.

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Its funny because I said it and every thing I say us hilarious

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Usually lol

Ravens defense bringing nasty pressure so far.

Uncharacteristically undisciplined.

God I hope this isn’t the annual stink it up game.

Dorsett is gimpy.

Use the cocktail stick!

Eldleman on the PL commercial is new

Yeah this is that game

Best part of the evening so far


Unfortunately it happenes every year to most teams.


We’re on to the Eagles.