Monday January 9th 2023

Morning guys.

You asked this question last night Tyler.

I’m breaking it out here this morning with an answer.

And once again, you guys are very welcome. :joy:


Unfortunately my colts didn’t make playoffs. Who you gonna root for now? :joy: "

Thinking the Jaguars.

Got one friend who has taken so much good natured abuse from all of us over the years for being a fan of them. But he’s ride and die with them.

I’m happy for him at the moment.

And stranger things have happened. Ask me, i know.

Oh, thats right, you don’t have to ask. I tell ya all anyway. :joy:

He’s the guy who started NFL Clique on Facebook and made the terrible mistake of signing me up as a mod right from its inception. :joy:

Many of us there have been friends since we all used to hang out at an awesome little Colts message board Colts Clique like 15 years ago, Muse was there mingling and tormenting these awesome Colts fans too. Height of the Colts/Pats rivalry, and to be honest, ive never experienced a greater rivalry than what that was at its peak.

Even caught a girlfriend there. Surprise. A very cute very cool full blooded native American chick. Unfortunately she had a wicked allergy to firewater, I’ve mentioned her.

The most tumultuous 6 months of my life, if ya can believe that. :joy: Last time I saw her was at 6 am one morning when I sleeping bareass in my bed on my mountain here in NH. She walked in with a police officer to get her 3 dogs, I loved 2 of em, and split.

No idea what happened to her after that. I’m thinking she may have gone back down to her horrible redneck ex husband in NC who she divorced to come live me for a whole 6 months in NH.


Said it was tumultuous, never said it wasn’t exciting. Kinda had a thing for pretty and crazy chicks when I was younger.

Wait Chara’s still in life, right? And now her best friend since they were 8, Jess is interested with Charas full blessing. Just got outta prison 8 months ago, shes very cute and we’ve known each other for 35 years.

Yeah, umm. :thinking:

Starting to rethink who the crazy one is here. :crazy_face: :joy:

Upon even further reflection, not a single one of the few relationships I’ve really were that awesome.

I know i have all kinds of women in my life, i rarely do anything with any of them, and i most loyal bastard youd ever wanna meet.

From my first girlfriend for 5 years Cindy, holy crap what shes doing to Jo to hurt me, long story, to my absolutely brilliant and equally horrible former Federal agent ex wife for a year and half to pretty much none.


I really am considering moving outta state. These people are not from my world at all. Freaking nutz, all of them who I know here.

I mentioned my world in the New Years Day thread.

And i have people in my life all over the country and internationally who are absolutely moving mountains and happy and i have in me to top it all.

Chara said to me a few years ago, “Man, you are insanely brilliant in every way, mind, heart and soul, why aren’t you setting the world on fire?”

I didn’t have an answer for her.

I do now.

And im changing everything.

And of course, as always there is a very interesting story behind where and why I’m considering return the world of my people, phenomenonal people I never should have turned my back and may possibly go back home to the Boston area. Ugh, Shudder .

May choose somewhere else like Jackson Hole, Wyoming a very wealthy area where my friend has opened his second incredible life affirming and heroic art gallery, the first is in beautiful Napa Valley i visted when he invited me there to lecture a few months ago.

He and his wife have been trying to entice me to move there and be their business manager for a a few years now.

Might choose something else, opportunities for me are endless.

Even my dear friend in India wants me there or my friend in Norway.

All doing wonderful things.

And the best of the best from my world, a friend since we were kids absolutely blew my mind the other night when she dropped a bomb about how she’s felt about me for all these years.

I had no freeking idea.

Jo always says, “How did miss this dumbass?”

Yeah, was the biggest one I’ve ever missed.

Shes married sorta so not really looking at it like that.

Just realizing what I screwed 35 years ago, sticking with these horrible people here, and its not here per se, there are very good people here and its beautiful but i cant for the life of me figure where to go to start hanging around that other world here.

Sorry, i fully do my processing verbally. :smiley:

Story at 11. :clock11:

Oh, yeah, back on track. I’d also like to see the Bills finally win one but my God, their fans will be absolutely unbearable.

Kinda got a thing for the 49s this year too.

Should be a great postseason coming up.


Good morning, everyone

Have a great day


Me when I read John’s posts :rofl:


I dont recall being one who tormented fans there as much as JL keeps saying that I did on that site. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I did say a few things now and than but it was not my board and would watch my P’s and Q’s. It is rare for me to visit another teams board and act up. But my memory is not what it use to be and my record is tainted. So , what do I know.

Here it’s different. :rofl::rofl::rofl: But I have been way better and I havent said anything mean about the Colts in a while. But suspect the Musie is a meanie coin phrase will be with me a while. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hola, everyone


Morning. Have a good day


Good morning, friends :revolving_hearts:

Enjoy the day!


I can totally get behind this. I got no problem with the jaguars actually.

Hope the new year is good to you my man

Busy day work for me. Won’t be too active todsy



Great movie.

And surprise, surprise, i have a great story behind this involving the love of my life to this point who grew up a pastors daughter in a tiny town here in NH.

But I won’t.

You guy’s have had enough for today. :joy:


Lol. Can honestly say I have never seen princess bride haha


Oilers game at 9:30 tonight. I won’t even be up for puck drop lmao


Shut the front door. You must.



Absolutely great movie man.

Andre the Giant, Billy Crystal and more.

Fantastic bro.




Lol I’ll get around to it at some point hahaha



You should know by now that doors, what doors?

Dont need no stinking doors, always windows around. :joy:

And something Jo and me laugh about all the time cause its fully true and clear as day, no matter what rubs, particularly women the wrong way about me, they just cant quit the Mark. :joy:

Not sure its healthy but its a thing. And its not a sex thing, thats never the deal with me.

Case in point and im not getting into it, I absolutely would have sworn, if I was standing in front of her, PFL would put a bullet in my head. Her biggest nemesis and absolutely swore she hated me cause she couldn’t win an argument with me. But when it all came down to it she was one step up and help.

The last great opponent on the Planet.

Doors, what doors? :slight_smile:


Tyler, I have a bad feeling that Irsay is sticking with Saturday.


Everyone is sticking with the Colts I think. I honestly think Saturday will be wit the team as well, and Ballard… Everyone is staying… It is what it is. garbage ass franchise.


We got a snake and Drano… better work tonight when we get home! Have to pick up food, we can’t even do dishes right now. So annoying, but I think the snake and drano will work good!


1.5 to go!