MLB Trade Deadline 4:30 pm

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tS9piomnsorreod ·

New team, assemble! The
San Diego Padres
have targeted RHP Mike Clevinger for years, and they finally traded for him today.

Over the last few days, the Padres have acquired…

◾️ RHP Rosenthal from KC

◾️ 1B Moreland from Boston

◾️ C Nola and RHP Altavilla & Adams from SEA

◾️ C Castro from LAA

◾️ RHP Clevinger, OF Allen and PTBN from CLE

Can the Padres catch up to the Dodgers in the NL West?

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God I hope so, I do not want the Dodgers to win… nope never. not even for Mookie!

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Don Orsillo must be having a good time calling an interesting team like this.

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Looks like Sox keep JBJ. Joolz is happy :grin:


mikie too!!

X and JD too!


JL 3. :slight_smile:

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And they kept Brewer!!! So pumped!!!

Said no one ever.