Mike Nugent signed by Pats

Teds kid?

He sucks. I was hoping for that 80 yard soccer player.

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I was hoping for the hot soccer player

maybe he ends up on practice squad to see if he can learn the game right.

Well he’s 9 of 11 on fg at Gillette. His 2 misses were from 35 and 50. One miss was a horrible snap and hold if I remember correctly. And he is perfect on extra points. So there’s that.

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oh boy… Pats sign Young-Hoe to practice Squad… so many orchids of Asia jokes in my mind

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I don’t agree with all his politics but he knows how to rock!!!

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Do they play “Cat Scratch Fever” when Nugent takes the field?

Should be Stranglehold instead.

Looking at those career percentages above, I wonder if the Pats will go for it on 4th more often rather than a longer fg.