Michael Chavis


Will Middlebrooks to Michael Chavis - “Don’t take one thing for granted, not a single thing. Because when it’s gone it’s gone. Love and enjoy your teammates. You’re surrounded by some of the best players in the world and guess what, you’re one of them kid! Believe in your abilities day in and day out and never, ever let off the gas. Play this game like you know someone is coming for your job and today could be the last time you ever put on a big league uniform.
When you step out on the field at Fenway take a look around. Smell it. Listen to it. Look at it. The history of players that have stood exactly where you are standing is second to none. You’ll never experience a better place to play baseball. No better fans, no better city, definitely no better place to be.”


Great advice from Will. I had forgotten about him and just learned he retired this year.


Good advice. Always liked Middlebrooks.


Middlebrooks’ baseball career may not have played out the way he expected, but he still got to win a World Series, and he’s only 30.

I hope he put some money away so he could go to Law School and become a Player’s Agent, or something.