Locked attack thread

So you admit to plagiarizing?

Let’s not get away from the most pressing issue here…

What possesses someone to lie on a messageboard about writing an article?

Like, seriously, why lie about something so trivial?

Random thought that just occurred to me on why this is doubly hilarious:

JohnLocke posted the article in question as “proof” that he wasn’t a blind Trump supporter and that he does criticize the president.

Turns out, he didn’t even write it, so it’s not even an example. :rofl:

Granted, I didn’t even read the article, but it also seems likely that JohnLocke himself didn’t even read his own plagiarized work either. :rofl:

What is going on here?

Holy crap.

I don’t care if John Locke claims to be the queen of England, birthed from an unholy alien - demon cross pairing. Who gives a fuck?

This is not the site to call out people for their real life shit. It’s stalker like and creepy.

I don’t know, Brody… You need to lighten up.

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It’s not about claims of real life or doxxing or anything like that.

It’s that he claims to have written an article that he ripped off from someone else and tried to claim at his own.

I’ve never been a member of a messageboard that tolerated such behavior. Hell, I’ve never been a part of a board that wouldn’t have immediately permabanned someone for that and I’ve been a part of all sorts of boards of all kinds of moderation.

*Thep Almet is in no way associated with Paramount Pictures or any of its subsidiaries, the producers of the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, or Gene Wilder.

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I have not published any articles from anyone here. Unless I missed it, you pulled those from external websites.

Seems personal to me.

YOU haven’t but JohnLocke did, which is the entire point of this thread.

In this post here:

He posts an entire article ON THIS BOARD verbatim, except that he changed the byline to put in his own name and claimed it as “my article”

All I did was google the damn thing and figure out that it WASNT his article and that he was actually claiming someone else’s work as his own:


Like I’ve said, this would be the only messageboard that I’ve ever been a part of that wouldn’t make this immediately a bannable offense. Hell, Reddit subs that allow porno posting have rules against this shit.

Oh well.