Locke and Key - Netflix - Released Feb 7

So at first glance this looks a bit too young adultish for my tastes. But the show is based on graphic novels penned by Joe Hill, who just happens to be the son of Stephen King.

And the showrunner is Carlton Cuse, who has worked on The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr, Nash Bridges, Lost, Bates Motel, The Strain, the criminally underrated Colony and Tom Clancys Jack Ryan.

So I’m going to give it a shot.

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Minor spoilers.

I’m only thru episide 5 and it is very young adultish. Its not terrible, it a just kind if meh. I haven’t read the graphic novels its based on but everything I’ve read its very watered down from the books. The tone is kind of all over the place. The show Definately centers around the three siblings…two high school aged and one late elementary aged. So you get the requisite teen angst and parents just don’t understand vibe. But at the same time a man is shot to death in front of his family. Another incinerates himself. Another is choked to death during sex. And a fourth is thrown in front of a subway. So its not really a kids show.

I tell you the biggest issue I have with it is for a family whose father/husband was brutally murdered right in front if them, they spend an awful amount of time leaving their 10 year old son/brother alone in the creepy old house basically in the middle of the woods in the town they just moved to.

Like I said I kind of went into this expecting not to love it. So YMMV on this. Maybe if you’re a huge Harry Potter fan it might appeal to you.

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Never heard of it before. Sounds intriguing though.