LeVangie Out As Pitching Coach

I wish we had a dislike button, I can not blame him for the health of the players signed. One guy never pitches into August without DL time and teh other has a Unique elbow, whatever the hell that is. Add in everyother year performance of Porcello (like Josh Beckett used to be) and no closer on a staff and teh pitching coach is not to blame. Who knew Barnes couldn’t gotwo days in a row this year? so many other issues I can not blame the picthing coach.

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I’ve seen this all the time in the (non-sporting) Business World.

When things aren’t quite going right for complex and interconnected reasons, someone in Management goes looking for a single “silver bullet” solution that usually doesn’t exist. Rather than figuring out a comprehensive solution to the complex web of interconnected issues, that someone will make a visible move like this, in order to propagate the illusion that they are doing something to fix “The Problem.”

In other words, the Pitching Coach is a scapegoat. It could turn out, just through blind, dumb luck, that next year the Red Sox won’t have the same injury woes in their pitching corps, and the resulting improvement in final record will make this firing look like a genius move.