Knucklehead, I mean Knuckleballer Wright suspended for PED


80 games, big loss for he was a part of the unknown Bullpen by Committed, I mean committee.




[Sam Krasnah] I know all about GHRP-2 and 6. They are secretagogues that make the stomach secrete a hormone called ghrelin the ‘hunger hormone’. This release of ghrelin sends a signal to the pituitary to release human growth hormone. No he wasn’t taking hgh but his body was producing more naturally with the additive of the impulse of ghrelin. These peptides have other very very medicinal purposes. They have been evaluated by Russia and not our FDA. There are actually no harmful side effects to this peptide. Look up TB-500 or BPC-157 these help with injury repair in the body. Selank or (nasal spray version Semax) is another nootropic that is better at handling anxiety than most medications on the market. All Russian ‘research peptides’ that are sold for studying purposes only so that is how they sell them. They have many anti-leukemic properties as well.