Kimbrel was tipping pitches for two weeks

Here's why Cora used Kimbrel for the 9th despite his shaky October: "Because we knew he was tipping his pitches yesterday and he was gonna be fine. Yesterday his hands were up, today they were down. He's been tipping his pitches for 2 weeks."

— Tyler Kepner (@TylerKepner) October 19, 2018

I’m glad they fixed it, but,…

How the fuck did it take them 2 weeks to notice his hand position???

or was it he finally made the adjustment?

Cora is supposed to be an expert at sign stealing, BB wants to recruit him to sit with Ernie Adams, so I am shocked too.

But if it is only a mental difference, and it works, I am for it.

It was probably a really subtle thing. Probably he had been tipping pitches for much longer than that, it just took until 2 weeks ago for another team to notice it.


puts on tinfoil hat

Alex Cora is managing on a level like 4 tiers higher than everyone else and they intentionally tipped pitches in earlier games to set up the Astros in the series clincher.