June 19, 2018 Game Thread Soupy Sales Sox vs Minny

Soupy Sales and Nat ‘King’ Cole carrying Dean Martin off the field of a celebrity baseball game in a stretcher 1964

Sox with something brewing in the 4th. Two on nobody out.

Edit: Devers strikes out.


Devers drives deep

1-0 sox

Devers! 1-0 Sox!

Ruh-roh. Twins 2 on nobody out.

Edit: 1 out runners on 1st and 3rd.

Ugh. 2-1 Them.

Don’t like 8 o’clock starts.

Me too!! I like earlier starts much better.

2nd and 3rd, two outs

Do they walk JD for Moreland?

Nuts JD k’s

Sandy singles in Devers!!!

The wheels on the bus popped.

Kelly needs to get in a fight to get better again.

Next, for I have failed you…

I missed it. Good thing.