John Henry on Mookie Betts

The comments are priceless.

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I may have missed something but I found this to reasonable response to all the criticism.

It made sense for a bunch of reasons. Not the least of which is Mookie was always gonna hit free agency.

On top of that, even if they paid him $420 million they would be giving up major draft picks to do so and they need desperately to rebuild the farm system.

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Yeah, I’m over it. Play ball!


I wonder how Clay Bellinger and Yu Darvish feel about having a cheater on their team now. I bet they are ok with it.

Ya he’s gone. It sucks, time to move on. This team still has a lot of talent. Yes it’s going to be a bit of a rebuild and likely no playoffs this year. But I’m excited to see where this team goes from here.

My favorite


Mookie will not sign without getting to free agency, he wants to be courted.

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It would be just like Price to pitch to his full contract value for his duration with Los Doyers.

I mean, let’s face it, during his tenure in Boston, Price’s dog was more popular than he was. But if he throws 200+ innings next year with an ERA in the high 2’s or low 3’s? The clamor for John Henry to sell the team will expand exponentially.

If you believe in such things Dodger Stadium was the 7th most pitcher friendly park in MLB in 2019, vs Fenway which was the 22nd most pitcher friendly.