Is camping/hunting/fishing/biking "sports"?

Just asking.

I mean…participatory sports, rather than spectator sports.

I’m into camping, bushcraft, hiking, bikepacking, shooting sports, that kind of thing, but I’m not sure if there is enough general interest in sports and activities that we actually do to warrant a sub forum or anything.

Just testing the waters for interest in discussing stuff like that.

OH! And fantasy sports!

I do fantasy football, and fantasy hockey.

I’m pretty sure that there is a fantasy sports category in the works.

I had previously created a category for Other Sports, can certainly use that, though my initial thought for it was Kickball, I mean Soccer.

Or leave them uncategorized.

I love learning about most of that stuff, so depending on if we can get more people here, I would assume there would be others as well. I think as with anything, we can create categories on the fly as needed.

I’ll go create the fantasy category now.

Either way…I guess maybe having too many categories to start with could spread posts a little thin… I (we) can post FF stuff in the othet sports category for now if you want

Fantasy was created, can you see it?

Yes. The fantasy you created is right before my eyes.

Is they sport? No, but they are,

Camping = voluntary homelessness, not a sport

Bike riding = sport, as long as someone crashes

Hunting = sport, as long as prey is as smart or as equipped as hunter

Fishing = sport, as long as prey can drag you off boat and 500 feet underwater in seconds. Otherwise it is just playing a practical joke on the fish.

It is kind of like their version of alien abduction.

They love practical Jokes