iPad Battery Drain

Wasn’t sure where to put this but hope someone tech-savvy can help. I’ve Googled and have tried a few things to no avail. When unplugged my 3 year old iPad Air 2 battery started draining big time. I haven’t done anything different and use it for a few apps/games and text messaging.

Should I replace the battery? Do a factory reset?


I just turned off Background App Refresh to see if that helps.

To be honest Joolz sometimes apple products do that. My last I phone did that and I replaced the battery. Didn’t help. Granted my new phone has been good with no issues. How’s it working now?


Not sure yet. Waiting 'til it gets back up to 100% and then I’ll unplug the charger and see what happens.

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I replaced my phone battery 6 months ago, everything was fine until my agreement expired and now the new battery registers as fully healthy but drains faster than ever.

I swear the updates sabotage their products.

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This has actually been talked about in some circles about updates killing phones on purpose.


Odd thing though. There hasn’t been a system update in quite a while. Last one was way before the battery drain problem. Just unplugged it at 100%. I’ll see what happens.


Was just on it for half an hour playing a simple game (Trivia Crack) and it dropped from 100% to 94%. Thinking back I don’t think it decreased that quickly in the past.

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fun game

3 years is a long time for these types of batteries, especially with many recharging cycles. I don’t know about the ipad specifically, but it wouldn’t suprise me if a new battery would completely solve the issue.

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It’s better since I did this. I’ll wait and see before replacing the battery.

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