IHOP Is Getting a New Name. And It Doesn't Include Pancakes

Sorry IHOP you’re just over thinking it. Do you really think there is an untapped market of people who didnt realize that you guys serve stuff other than pancakes? And if the cost of this unnecessary rebranding trickles down into the cost my Colorado Omelette, I WILL boycott.

I have one within walking distance of my office and on a good day all I smell is bacon cooking… mmmmmm bacon (wipes drool)

What a dumb marketing decision.

Of course, they’ve made a bunch. They have way too much crap now that comes pre-packaged and you heat and eat instead of cooking real food.

And then they top everything with massive amounts of sugar.

No Thanks.

I’ll go to a diner for good breakfast food.

I read someplace today that its just IHOP announcing the return of pineapple upside down pancakes or something

Aww we missed it…

C’mon how many people have been to an iHop in the current decade?

I took kids for pancakes, it was packed. Scrambled eggs were powdered, Bacon was nuked, Toast was good.

I used to go pretty often. Colorado Omelette is a little slice of artery clogging heaven.

They already were cooking burgers at the one by me. I stopped going there for they give you little food for the price they charge. The final straw was when I saw they were not even giving us real eggs but what I call fake eggs. If you can’t scrabble a couple of eggs for me I don’t need to come back. I have not been in a while. Too pricey, too sugary, not enough food, still hungry and now this whatever it is. And yet they are always full of cars and people. I don’t get it. We now go to mom and pop places and give our money to them instead of the corporation.

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