How will Foles do in Jacksonville?

I find it strange that the Jags aren’t getting much hype this season as they have a top 5 defense and seem to be just a QB short of having a very good season again like they did 2 years ago. How do you guys see Foles doing in Jacksonville? He was pretty dominant in Philly, but I could see him under performing. There is a lot of pressure on him with the 2 seasons he had in Philly showing he was pretty decent.

I see this playing out like Flynn when he went to the Seahawks. Was going to be the next great thing after he had a couple nice games for the Packers. Then Wilson came in and beat his ass out and you never hear of Flynn now lmao.

I think Foles body of work is much bigger than Flynns. And he doesn’t need to win games for Jacksonville. The defense and running game will be their bread and butter.

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They could be a dangerous team. They are getting over looked tremendously right now. People forget the Jags had a fantastic 2017 season and started the season awesome last year, but once they beat New England (their super bowl win) the season went to hell for them. I don’t think Foles will let that happen. I hope the Colts win the division being a fan but I honestly think the Jags have a better shot at winning the division than the Texans or Titans.

NFL on SiriusXM dudes (one of them is Ed McCaffrey) were talking about this very topic during my morning drive.

They both concurred that this would be a bounce-back year for the Jags.

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If i remember correctly, Foles doesn’t have a good history as a starter before he lit it up for a few games with Philly.

I’m in the wait and see mode on this one.

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He is 30 - 20 over all as a starter including the playoffs a winning percentage of .600. Which is ok.

But if you consider 12 of his losses came in two seasons I think Foles has been under rated most of his career.

-5 losses in his rookie season in which he took over for Mike Vick on a 3-7 squad and finished 1-5 down the stretch

-7 losses in his one season in St Louis. His top three receivers were Kenny Britt, Jared Cook and Tavon Austin, none of which topped 800 yards. It was also Todd Gurleys rookie season and the teams last season in St Louis. Also Jeff Fisher.

I know its cherry picking the stats, but I think those two seasons Foles was set up to fail. The rest if his career he is 26-8 as a starter, a .764 winning percentage. I don’t think he is an “elite put a team in his back and single handedly win for stretches” type of QB. But I do think he is going to surprise some people in Jacksonville. They don’t have a stud WR, but they have a whole bunch of really good ones. Their O Line is a question mark but if they can just get average play out if them in the run game and make defenses respect Leonard Fournette, Foles could be really effective for them.


Foles led the Iggles to their one and only championship, proving along the way that he is a better WR than Tom Brady.

In spite of that, the Iggles decide to keep Carson Wentz as their starting QB.

Are the Iggles just on crack, or is there something about Nick Foles they know that everyone else doesn’t?

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Leonard Fournette will never remain healthy for a full season, then he is exposed

Well said! I was kind of browsing the board and the fans are worried about their run game as they said they have a horrible run game and the o line is questionable at best. However the Eagles didn’t have a good run game last season either and he seemed to still do alright. If he can help them sustain drives they will be dangerous. It’s astonishing they still had a top 5 defense with how bad that offense was last year. Jags will be dangerous this season I think.