How unmoderated?

Can i say fuck?

Post nekkidbewbies?


Swearing doesn’t matter.

Nudity is not banned, but the community might want to come up with a way to avoid displaying it without foreknowledge.

We should probably not do porn though. Additional lines get crossed there and this is not a porn site.

Depends on if I can say Scunthorpe

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No pr0n no problem.

Maybe a nekkidbewbies category. I saw in m our profile that we can “mute” categories if we want. That way people could turn them off if they didnt want to see it.

Os some OT catch all until being more specific is necessary

Yeah maybe a category that is just named NSFW, and I’ll also research if there is a way to have it hidden in everyone’s profile by default? That way, you consciously opt in.


Yep. It worked.

Must have p0rn…

Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Subcategories ARE possible.

The best solution I have found so far is to create a new Trust Level Group that members of a certain existing trust level can freely opt into, and have the NSFW category only be visible to that new trust level group. I need to noodle it a little and perhaps test.

Done and done.

NSFW category created. Not visible unless you opt into the group.



I opted in to the NSFW group, i can click on the test post you made there and i can see the pic you posted. But when i click on the NSFW link in the Categories list, it has a little lock icon next to it and it brings me to an error page.

Can you access it okay now with the new level?

Can you access it okay now with the new level?

Yes. Sorry. I meant to let you know.