How much success do you hope Brady has in Tampa?

I was going to make this a poll, but I think just a discussion is better. There are a couple of different trains of thought:

He is our guy. If he can take Tampa through the playoffs on a Superbowl run, it will be fun to watch. It proves he still has it.


Win some, and lose some, but the magic is gone. It proves the Patriots were correct in letting him move on, and we don’t have to watch his decline in New England or watch him be benched.

There might be some other perspectives I didn’t think of, please feel free to add.

I will root for him unless the Bucs are playing the Patriots.

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As far as my answer, I don’t mind if he does well, but I don’t want it to look like the Patriots blundered.

I’m hoping he lights it up with those weapons. Love Tom and everything he has done for us, he’s earned that respect 100 times over. But like I said earlier, I’m dying to see what Bill is cooking up in his lab. :slight_smile:

One thing I hadn’t thought about until just now is that it would be a nice cap to his career to put a little statistical distance between himself and Brees.

  1. Patriots

  2. Patriots

  3. Patriots

  4. Any team playing any AFC team with Patriot playoff implications

  5. Chris Godwin for my fantasy team.

  6. Tom Brady in a ridiculous orange uniform

  7. Tom Brady in any uniform

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I hope TB12 leads the Bucs to the next Super Bowl, where he loses badly to BB and the NEW England Patriots.

I mean, who has watched more tape on TB12 than BB?

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I’ll definitely root for him. Would love to see him do well in Tampa

And then play the Colts In Super Bowl and lose lol

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Rivers beating TB12 in a big game?

Has that ever happened before?

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Lmao, no it hasn’t

I finally thought they would have an amazing game two years ago and then it went to shit. Real quick for rivers hahahah. Rivers always had peytons number. But could never beat Brady.

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Hope… I don’t know

Think? I think he will be less successful than most think. I watched every snap last year. The idea that Tom’s drop off in production was entirely due to “lack of weapons” doesn’t hold water. I saw him miss a lot of throws that were there, and often those throws were to Edleman or White.

OK I thought about “hope”.

I hope TB throws for 6000 yrds and 50TDs, and finishes 4-12 because Tampa’s defense and special teams suck and he has to look in the mirror and realize that spending 2/3 of the cap on a QB and “weapons” is probably not the best way to build a winning team.

I guess I’m team Bill.

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It’s always perplexed me as to why people want to separate out whether BB has been riding TB12’s coattails this past 20 years, or whether it’s been the other way around.

It’s similar to the fools who keep insisting that the Beatles were all John and Paul, and that George and Ringo were two barely competent but lucky bastards who were just along for the ride.

I expect TB12 to do well. I expect BB to do well. I just don’t expect either of them to do as well apart as they did together, at least in the near term.

The difference with BB is, unless he’s getting dementia or something, his main weapons (wisdom, experience, in-game guile) are still increasing in power.

TB12, on the other hand, is now officially playing on his last 2-year contract, isn’t he?

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I think he will either be extremely successful. As in 11 win season and maybe a playoff win or two, or super bowl. Or crap. Team finishes with 6 wins and not even close to the playoffs. Just gut feeling…

Does anyone else remember the Bledsoe years…

“He can’t do it alone”

"We need to get him some weapons!

Every time there was a WR we’d heard of on the market “We need THAT guy”

Does this feel like deja vu to any oldtimers?


I wouldn’t know. I’m practically a young guy.

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It does a bit to me. Last season there was a lot of defending of Brady, when it seemed pretty clear at times that his throws were off, or he wouldn’t throw to the open guy (because he didn’t trust him).

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Patriots still have one hell of a defense. I still think they are the favorite to win the division.

As much as I hate to admit it I think Buffalo is poised to take the AFCE.

Well, no, because Bledsoe at that point had not proven he could lead a team to a single Super Bowl win, let alone six.