HOF for Dewey?

Dwight Evans is one of the 10 candidates on the HOF “Modern Era” ballot.

Ian Browne discusses his candidacy here:

I’m one of the folks who chanted “Dewey” for the guy, so I am obviously biased in favor of his election.

Objectively, did he need to be on a WS winner to graduate from the Hall of Very Good to the Hall of Fame?

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Dewey deserves it, we forget how consistently good he was despite changing his stance weekly.

but that cannon of an arm was nuts

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That’s some tough competition for Evans. Murphy won 2 MVPs and Mattingly won 1 and both won a slew of gold gloves and silver sluggers. Evans WAR is significantly higher though.


War, huh, yeah
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing

unless it helps Dewey!!

Say it again!!!

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The question that begs asking is: “If WAR had been a thing during Dewey’s tenure, would he have walked away with more awards?”

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If he gets in, and he should, it is well deserved and much too late!

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Dewey fell short once again in his bid for the HOF. :rage:

Who got in?

Oh I see. Ted Simmons. Marvin Miller.